About FCG

What happens when three well-known players in the insulation industry get together? Right, that’s when FCG is created. The merger between Franssen Group, Isolin and Combi Insulation enables us to share knowledge, work more efficiently and offer an even wider range of insulation options.

We insulate, protect and preserve countless spaces in various sectors, from shipbuilding to industry. And all under the motto “can’t doesn’t exist”.

Who are we?

Combi Insulation has been a specialist in thermal, acoustic or fire-resistant insulation for many years. Thus Combi Insulation has provided many clients in shipping, yacht building, utility building and industry with the right insulation solutions.

Franssen Group has been focusing on quality since 1971. Not only quality of products and insulation materials, but also quality of service and service. For the past 50 years, they have provided their customers with an engineering process that is down to the last detail. This way of working remained intact when the family business was handed over to the next generation.

Our priorities

Craftsmanship is a priority for FCG. Bringing our expertise and experience together creates a synergy that makes us even better able to provide the best solutions.

You can count on this when you choose FCG:

Our customers can count on this

Joining our forces creates many advantages for you as a client. We offer a broad package of insulation services to a wide range of clients in various sectors.

Our professionals ensure that through measuring, prefabrication and assembly your project is realized within the specified time. This is done not only quickly, but above all competently and neatly with high-quality materials.

At FCG you can count on a partner who knows how to get to work. A partner that delivers quality and stands 100% for its products and employees.

Together we can make the difference. Can’t doesn’t exist.

Order insulation material?

You will find us nationally and internationally and in maritime, industrial and utility sectors. Sometimes we prepare everything in the Netherlands and send the insulation materials as a package, so that our client can install the insulation on site. Other times we take care of the entire process, from advice to finishing, anywhere in the world. Contact us to discuss the best solution.

Personal advice

Do you want to know what the best solution is for your insulation problem? Please feel free to contact us for expert advice. Because can not, does not exist!