General terms and conditions

Article 1: Scope of application

Article 2: Offers

Article 3: Confidentiality

Article 4: Advice and information provided

Article 5: Delivery time/implementation period

Unless the Client has evidence to the contrary, the duration of the extension of the delivery period or implementation period is presumed to be necessary and to be the result of a situation as referred to above in a to c.

Article 6: Delivery and risk transfer

Article 7: Price changes

The Contractor may pass on to the Client an increase in cost-determining factors that occurs after entering into the agreement. The Client is obliged to pay the price increase immediately on the Contractor’s request.

Article 8: Force majeure

Article 9: Scope of the work

Article 10: Contract extras

Article 11: Implementation of the work

Article 12: Delivery of the work

Article 13: Liability

         The Client can take out insurance for these damages if possible.

Article 14: Guarantee and other claims

The Client must in all cases offer the Contractor the opportunity to do so. If the agreed performance (also) included the processing of material provided by the Client, the Client must supply new material at its own expense and risk. 

Article 15: Obligation to complain

Article 16: Failure to take possession of goods

Article 17: Payment

These costs are calculated on the basis of the following table, i.e., the principal sum plus interest:

on the first                             € 3,000                15%

on the excess up to                  € 6,000                10%

on the excess up to                  € 15,000               8%

on the excess up to                  € 60,000               5%

on the excess from                  € 60,000 or more   3%

The extrajudicial costs actually incurred are due if they are higher than the calculation given above.

Article 18: Securities

Article 19: Intellectual property rights

The Client is not permitted to transfer the licence or to issue a sub-licence. When the Client sells the good to a third party, the licence transfers by operation of law to the acquirer of the good.

Article 20: Assignment of rights or obligations

The Client may not assign or pledge any rights or obligations pursuant to any article in these General Terms and Conditions or the underlying agreement(s), unless it has the prior written consent of the Contractor. This provision has effect under property law.

Article 21: Cancellation or termination of the agreement

Article 22: Applicable law and competent court

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